What is the Oshi anti-fraud system?

The casino platform has a built-in anti-fraud system. The system includes:

  • Limit on the total amount of winnings that Oshi will allow to cash out automatically per day.
  • Limit on the amount of winnings’ cashout to certain percentage of the cumulative deposits for all time. For instance, if a player deposits 10 BTC and cashes out 10.5 or less, this is considered normal and cashout is approved automatically. If they try to cashout 11BTC or more the system blocks it and brings such request for manual approval.
  • Overall review of player history to ensure that their cashout is adequate for amount of gambling rounds that they participated in.
  • Tracking of sharp spikes in any particular games where system would bring unusually high winnings compared to wagered amount in any game.
  • We also use SSL protocol to make sure all data is encrypted.

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