What is a “payment system debt”?

For security reasons and to prevent fraud we implemented the so called payment system debt. It is the index displaying the cashflow (deposit and withdrawal) through the payment systems. When a customer makes deposit debts increases, when cashout – decreases. Behaviour for EUR and BTC is slightly different.

Real money

  1. customers can cash out only via payment methods previously used for depositing. This means if a player deposited two times – once via his banking card and once from Neteller – he first needs to withdraw the deposit amounts to each of the payment systems. So the original deposit amount needs to return to the player’s banking card and Neteller wallet respectively. Oshi comment : Because of anti money laundering legislation money has to go in and out via the same payment system.
  2. When a customer requests a cashout, he should return the original deposits from oldest to newest. This means (like in previous example) the customer needs to withdraw to the first payment method he used and then withdraw to the second one and later he can withdraw funds to both accounts.

Crypto currencies

  1. Deposits don’t increase debt so customers don’t have positive debts.
  2. When customer cashouts to a new address he will be asked to confirm this address by email.

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