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Message from Nick Garner, CEO Oshi.


05c49ba2-nick-300px-blogOur number one priority is to have a long-term, positive relationship with you.

It’s down to us to be fair, helpful and fun to be with. For you, all we ask is you’re sensible with your gambling and always play within your means.

Everyone knows that addiction can take over your whole life and ruin it. So be the smart one and always watch your game-play to see if you can stop at any time. If you can’t then maybe something is wrong.

The ugly truth

In case no one ever talked to you about this, let me explain how addiction works from a commercial point of view for operators. Essentially in my experience operators have a love/fear relationship with gambling addicts.

The ‘love’ is that they get large revenues from people who can’t control themselves because they are addicted.

The ‘fear’ is that if they behave in a reckless manner, unreasonably encouraging addiction, they will be at risk of losing their gambling licences and their reputations as good operators.

Of course, there are some operators who are ruthless and won’t stop at anything to rinse you of every penny you have.

How do I find the bad casinos?

Casino Meister keeps a record of rogue casinos, it’s worth having a read:

Gambling grumbles has also got some useful advisories

What about Oshi and responsible gambling?

Commercially, our position is simple: work around lifetime value rather than short term ‘churn and burn’. In other words, build a long lasting and sustainable relationship with you.

This means we spend less marketing money per active player (i.e. you), which in turn means we can spend more on customer services, site development and general customer experience. Which then means you’re more likely to recommend us and in turn we get more customers.

Putting customers first is the right thing to do and happily it works out commercially.

Dealing with addiction

The first question is: are you addicted? That’s always a difficult question if you are actually addicted to gambling, because, how do you know. If you’re not sure, then take this quick anonymous psychology test and see what the results come back with. Remember, unless you look at yourself objectively, it’s very hard to work out whether you have an addiction or not.

If you are addicted to gambling, the first thing is to get some help and break the addiction.


You can also get tools to help you. This software blocks gambling sites on your Windows PC:


What’s Oshi doing?

We only accept customers who are over 18 (or older if required in their jurisdiction), and from appropriate jurisdictions. If you know someone who is under age and gambling on our website, please let us know immediately and we will close their account. Email us on

We constantly monitor player activity and look for abnormal patterns which can give us an indication that something is potentially wrong and that somebody is spending more than they can afford.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make the right judgement call before reaching out to somebody because it’s hard to assess what financial means a customer might have. But as a general rule, we will always initially reach out by email if we have a concern for your welfare.

Because we want to be friends with you on an ongoing basis, we have a number of projects in the pipeline which we will talk about and ask for your feedback on in our blog:

With all these responsible gambling projects we’re working on, our main philosophy is to help you have fun gambling within your means.

If you have any complaints or issues about our conduct around responsible gambling, then please email me directly because I want to hear about this:

CEO Oshi

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