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Provably Fair

By having an iTech labs test certificate, it shows that we have tested all of our games for randomness. It means the games on Oshi are not rigged.

Nearly all casino games rely on algorithms that have a random number generator, which determines whether you win or lose. These generators are designed to give a small house edge that varies based on the game.

iTech labs explain the testing process in more detail here:


If you feel we’re rigged..

The reason we decided to get our systems thoroughly tested by iTech labs is because sometimes people have a run of bad luck and they feel like we’re rigged. Sometimes losing streaks happen. If it happens you may feel it’s unfair, however all of our games are independently verified for fairness and accuracy. If you do have a problem, then please contact support and we will go through your case thoroughly


The certificate (click the image for the original – PDF)



BGAMING – Platform & Games Provider

BGAMING are very innovative when it comes to provable fairness, so every BGAMING game has a testing tool to prove it is truly random and so ‘provably fair’.

Below is an image showing you the testing panel on every BGAMING game.



House Edge

On the theme of transparency and fairness, it’s important you know the house edge for each type of game we have.

As an average, our house edge is around 3%. In other words you gamble 1000mBTC and on average, you will get 970mBTC back.

However, different games have hugely different house edges.

Card/table games

They have massive variations in house edge, ranging from 0.28%, about a third of 1% for ‘liberal rules blackjack’, all the way up to 5.22% house edge for Caribbean Stud poker.

The good thing about table and card games is the games are completely standard and the exact margins are very well known and understood. The wizard of odds has a really useful table of house edges per game here and this research paper on ‘casino maths’ is also useful.

Huge article on return to player RTP

The Article – example table below.


Final thoughts on house edge

If you care about house edge because you’re gambling to make a profit, do understand that in the long run statistically, the house will have an edge over you.

A good way to think about house edge is simply making your money last. The smaller the house edge, the longer you can play on average and of course, the greater the likelihood of you coming out on top.

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