Giant list of Oshi benefits and features

It’s the ultimate, collection of benefits and features for Oshi casino. If you are thinking of joining and depositing with us and need some more evidence, here’s the place to look.




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Only on Oshi: Build Your Bonus™



Oshi site features & benefits

Mobile and tablet friendly on nearly every device.

We put a huge amount of effort into making the site truly mobile friendly. To do this we’ve completely rebuilt the website from the ground up making it as all device friendly as possible.

Oshi iPhone 6 MP4 (6 second preview)


Oshi iPad MP4 (6 second preview)


Oshi Desktop MP4 (6 second preview)


Rapid site speed (amongst the fastest of all Bitcoin casinos)

Using Google Page speed insights, we’ve done a comparative analysis between us and every other major Bitcoin casino that we know of.

We are amongst the fastest of all Bitcoin casinos. Here is the table (below) and a link to the Google Docs spreadsheet.

Google Page speed test with Oshi and other competitors. 17 May 2016
Google Page speed test with Oshi and other competitors. 17 May 2016


Video previews for every casino game

Every casino game on Oshi has an instant six second video preview which you can view on desktop. This is really helpful for you to quickly see whether you like the game look and feel.

MP4 (6 second preview)


Intuitive personalised recommendations

We use powerful algorithms to work out what’s interesting and engaging games you might like to play next.

Our personalisation engine
Personalised game suggestions


Tags to help find related games

We’ve got a powerful tagging system that makes it really easy to find other games that interest you.

MP4 (6 second preview)


Game filters

We have catalogued every single game on our website and set up powerful filters to help you narrow down which games you want to play.

MP4 (6 second preview)


‘My favourites’ bookmarking

We’ve got simple but a really effective way of bookmarking  and listing all your favourite games.

MP4 (6 second preview)


Personalised settings

You can switch currency or when you want to play new games and open new tabs automatically.

Personalised settings dashboard
Personalised settings dashboard


Powerful game search functionality

Really quick game search to help you find exactly the right games for you.


“Continue where you left off”, Last played games

A really simple way of finding the games you last played. The most recent game at the top, previous games below. You can see which games you last played by sorting or by mousing over the menu on the right.


Top winners listings, showing games they won on

It’s really helpful to see who the big winners are and what games they’ve been winning on. Perhaps they’ll be lucky for you?

Top winners and how much they won
Top winners and how much they won


Latest winners, showing the games they won on

It’s interesting to see who’s playing on the site and what games their winning on an idea.

Latest winners and games they won on
Latest winners and games they won on


List or grid layouts for finding games quickly.

We show all games in list view as default, but you can view games in a grid, which is really helpful if you just want only the essential information about each game.

MP4 (6 second preview)


Unique descriptions for every game.

Every game has a description, explaining a little bit more about the it.

Game description


Tooltips to for instant information.

Tooltips around the site give you useful information instantly.


No flashing banners or sliders

Every usability study tells us how awful flashing banners and sliders are, yet so many casinos use them far too often. We don’t have any rotating banners or sliders. That’s a small reason why Oshi is so good to spend time on.

Relaxing, warm look and feel

We chose a look and feel that’s very comfortable, warm and easy to navigate around. A lot of our theme is based on Netflix colours, look and feel.

netflix oshi
Oshi and Netflix



Have you noticed, we don’t have many graphics on the site. That’s because we want as much text to be highlight able as possible.

Why? Because there are numerous really powerful browser plug-ins which make it easy to translate a website into any language.

Oshi in German
Oshi in German




769 unique casino games to choose from

Were constantly adding new games, but as of writing we have 769 unique casino games. If you add in all of the variations of games i.e. mobile EUR and BTC versions of the game, then we have 1344 games in total.

The full list is here


Some great games providers

Were on the BGAMING platform who have some great games providers including: Quickfire, Amatic, Betsoft, Ezugi, Netent, Endorphina and soon iSoftbet.

Having hundreds of games from multiple game providers is great, but what we’ve really worked on building a website that makes it easy to find any game you want.


Live Games from Ezugi

There’s something very compelling about live casino and through Ezugi you can play live dealer games.


It’s all about the game

We’ve stripped out all the clutter on games page so you can focus on what matters; the game.


Win on games you love.

You will have noticed that our site architecture is all about finding those special games you love to win on. That’s why game search is so important here.



Provably fair

Every Oshi game is provably fair. We’ve had the site tested by iTech labs who use a testing tool to programmatically see if a game is fair or not. Here’s a link to our certificate.


ITech labs certificate
ITech labs certificate


All BGAMING games have a testing tool embedded in them which you can use.

BGAMING game testing tool.
BGAMING game testing tool.


Return to player stats for our games

We publish the return to player statistics for every game we can.

From this data, you can make your choices on which games give you the best odds of winning.

Returning to player tables

Transparency on who is behind Oshi

Were very transparent. Oshi is a UK-based business, using the BGAMING platform. The team pages on Oshi show you who’s involved.

Our main philosophy is to be accountable for how we look after customers.

Community participation

We actively engage with the Bitcoin community. Bitcointalk is a good example.

From there, you can see what people think of us and how we deal with questions sent our way.

Bitcoin talk Oshi forum thread
Bitcoin talk Oshi forum thread

Good reputation when searching on Google

We’ve done our best to be as upstanding as possible. Have a search here.

Curaçao gaming licence

Curaçao iGaming licences are not as valuable as other mainstream licences, however our game providers will only allow their games to be used with casinos that uphold the terms of the Curaçao licence.

This article explains what having a Curaçao licence actually means

Link to our Curaçao license.

Oshi Curaçao licence
Oshi Curaçao licence


BGAMING platform

We use the most popular and successful Bitcoin casino platform in the world; BGAMING.

The handle the game integration, some of the operational side of things and transactional activity. We handle marketing and website user experience.

We’ve done a huge amount of work to add to the BGAMING experience by building our own customer experience layer on top of the BGAMING platform.

There are around 20 different casinos using the BGAMING platform. That’s a real mark of trust in BGAMING and therefore us.



Responsible gambling

We take responsible gambling very seriously. This is because we don’t want to be evil. All we want to do is do our best for customers and do whatever we can to help them enjoy gambling as an entertainment rather than anything else.

If you want to know more about our position on responsible gambling see the help page on Oshi.




We accept Bitcoin.

This is a huge step forward in convenience for any online gambler.

Transactions cost virtually nothing and are nearly immediate. We don’t undertake ‘KYC’ (know your customer) on Bitcoin depositors. This is done when you acquire Bitcoins via an exchange.

Aside from privacy, Bitcoin allows you to pay and instantly withdraw funds. For more, read our article on Bitcoin payments.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill & Paysafe

We now accept euro payments from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill & Paysafe.

This means you can deposit EUR straight into Oshi, much more easily. The reason you would pay euro into your account is to play Microgaming or Netent games.

Instant cashouts

You can do instant cashouts because were a Bitcoin casino. You can instantly:

  • withdraw from 00011 BTC (0.11mBTC) or about 5 cents USD
  • withdraw up to to 0.5BTC (500mBTC) or about 230 USD


No commission on funds coming in or out of Oshi

We don’t charge any money for moving funds in or out of Oshi. The benefits are pretty self-explanatory.

For more read our knowledge base article on this.

Minimum cash out equivalent to $0.05

We keep our cash out minimums very low so you have the freedom to take your winnings when ever you want.

Tiny minimum top up deposits

Because were a Bitcoin casino and there are no commissions on payments into your account, you can top up your Oshi account with any sum you like.

Low 1st minimum deposit

You only need to deposit 0.05 BTC in order to activate your bonuses. That’s the equivalent of around 20 USD.

Easy switch between BTC and EUR

in order to play Netent and Quickfire games, you will need to play in EUR. (Yes, why don’t they set up bitcoin games?)

So to make things as easy as possible for you to switch between playing in Europe and Bitcoin, we have a fast currency switch system. Having looked at our competitor casinos, we think this is the best way to switch between currencies.

Currency switch feature


Useful control panel

You can see all of your free spins, bonuses, transactions and wins all in one place. If you are logged in already Oshi, click on this link to go to your Control Panel

Control Panel
Control Panel

Fast and efficient KYC (know your customer)

You only need KYC when you want to withdraw funds. We suggest if you want to play for real, you deposit funds and then go through the KYC process, so when you win you can withdraw your money quickly.

For more on KYC, have a read of this knowledge base article.


Customer Service/Help

24/7 customer service.

It’s delivered in 3 Languages: English, German, Russian.

You can contact customer service via live chat or through our contact form.

Community manager

We have a dedicated community manager who works through forums, Reddit and social media. He is fair to answer any queries people have and to share on the latest with Oshi.

Travin - Oshi community manager
Travin – Oshi community manager

You can see him here on Bitcointalk and Reddit.

Comprehensive knowledgebase.

Our knowledge base is growing day by day and has answers to numerous questions you might have. Try searching for the answer to an Oshi related question.



Terms and conditions


Straightforward terms and conditions

Were very straight about our terms and conditions and we make them as accessible as possible to every customer. We even have the key terms highlighted in our bonus terms and conditions so you know exactly where you stand with us.



Privacy is one of the reasons were a Bitcoin casino, because privacy is one of the great benefits of Bitcoin. Our privacy terms and conditions are pretty rigourous and transparent.



1 email a week

We have a really simple rule on emailing: Only one promotional email a week.

Anti spam

We never share your email address with anyone.

Relevant messages

We’ve got a really powerful emailing system which allows us to send the right messages to the right people at the right time.


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