Oshi and affiliates

We work with hundreds of different affiliates who represent us on the Internet.

Q. How does affiliate marketing work?
A. Affiliates are individuals or organisations who publish content on the Internet to help anyone interested in online gambling. Affiliates encourage potential customers to click through to the gambling operators they are interested in. If a potential customer registers and deposits with a gambling operator, the affiliate will get a percentage of the revenue from this customer.

Q. When you say customer revenue, what do you mean?
A. This is where customers lose money and affiliates are paid a percentage of the customers losses. In a typical casino like ours, the house edge is 3%. So for every 100 EUR bet, statistically a customer is likely to lose 3 EUR. The affiliate will get a percentage of this 3 EUR. How much that affiliate is paid, depends on the deal that been set up with them.

Q. Why should I trust what an affiliate says?
A. As you’ve probably worked out, affiliate’s will often promote the gambling operator which makes them the most money. In general, if customers are happy with an operator they will stay with that operator for a long time. Statistically customers will lose money and so the operators who are best with customer care, generate the most profits for affiliates. Therefore the top casinos on affiliate sites are generally the best.

Q. Are all affiliates the same?
A. No, they come in many shapes and sizes. However, typically for online casino affiliates, they come in main 2 groupings:

Lists of current offers. For example: roulettegeeks.com/online-casino-bitcoin/
Review content. For example: latestcasinobonuses.com/casinos/oshi

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