Mission Statement

Oshi missions


How about just getting on with being a great casino. We’ve deliberately toned down the ‘attention grabbing’, ‘noise’ and ‘bling’ so we can be judged on what really matters: playing the casino games you love.

Spend money on customers

Instead of burning money on marketing to ‘shout’ and try to grab attention, we would rather give away better bonuses, cashback and other goodies.

Make casino games the star!

We want to get out of your way. You’re here because of the casino games and we’re here to help you find your favourites.

Be transparent

We’re very transparent about everything we do. This is why you know we’re accountable to you


Say it like it is.


Our team has been in the iGaming sector for a long time now and everyone here is a huge bitcoin advocate. We genuinely believe that there’s a lot that can be done to improve the bitcoin casino experience to make it amazing. That’s why we make constant updates and releases to the site.


We hang out on bitcointalk so find us there: Bitcointalk Oshi Forum thread.

And…thinking ‘e-commerce’

We deliberately look at sites like Steam, Netflix, Google, Amazon, eBay for inspiration. Wherever possible, we avoid referencing other casinos. Why? How many casinos do you know that get navigation, personalisation, freshness right?

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