How bonuses work

How Deposit Bonuses Work

Different online casinos handle bonuses in various ways. At Oshi we follow a standard convention that many of you are probably already familiar with.

When you deposit and are eligible for a bonus (either through our Welcome Package or a Reload Bonus), there is often a wagering requirement (WR) against that bonus. The standard WR at Oshi is 40x (40 times) the bonus amount, and we’re going to explain how that works below.

Broken down, the balance you end up with is:

playable funds = initial deposit + awarded bonus

The initial deposit is the amount you transferred either in Bitcoins or Euros. Note that the same principle applies regardless of the currency used.

The awarded bonus is the extra money Oshi has given you to play with as part of your deposit. This amount is normally a percentage of your initial deposit up to a capped amount. These values are made clear when you view the bonus.

So let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say I’ve deposited 1 BTC and I’m eligible for a 100% match up to 2 BTC. Following our formula above, this means in addition to my deposited 1 BTC I get another 1 BTC for a total of 2 BTC. As this is within the limits of the cap it’s all good. If my balance would have been over the cap, then the cap would apply.

Given this scenario has awarded me 1 BTC, and the WR is 40x, I simply multiply one by the other:

Turnover amount = awarded bonus x WR

So 1 BTC times 40 is 40 BTC. This means I need to turnover (or play through) 40 BTC in order to complete my bonus.

While a bonus is active, all funds are “locked”. This simply means that you cannot withdraw your deposited funds until the bonus is resolved. There are three resolutions for every bonus:

Win: I’ve turned over 40 BTC and any remaining balance is now unlocked and considered “real” money instead of “bonus” money. Even if the balance is less than 1 BTC (the bonus money), I can withdraw it.

Lose: I’ve not met the turnover of 40 BTC and have a balance of zero.

Cancel: Either manually or through customer services, the bonus is cancelled and any of my initial funds not already wagered are made available again.

Note that when you wager your balance, the amounts taken are from your initial deposit first, and then your bonus funds. This means in the example above if I’ve wagered 0.5 BTC (ie, I have a balance now of 1.5 BTC) and I decide to cancel the bonus, then I’ll be able to withdraw 0.5 BTC, as the bonus money (1 BTC) has been removed, and my remaining balance is 0.5 BTC. If your balance is less than the bonus amount when you cancel a bonus, then your final balance will be zero.


Automatic Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are automatically applied to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposits. You do not need to enter a code or do anything else.

Should you wish to, you can opt out of the bonuses on the Deposit Page of your account before finalising your deposit.

Oshi will match 100% of your first deposit (up to 2BTC / 100EUR for a minimum deposit of 0.01BTC / 20EUR), and 50% of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposits (up to 1BTC / 50EUR for a minimum deposit 0.01BTC / 20EUR).


Promotional codes

We have a set of special offers that we come up with from time to time. At the moment we have:

  • Today’s Bonus (a different bonus everyday, where you get a certain deposit match and free spins in a particular game)
  • Weekly Bonus:
    • Mondays (50% Reload Bonus for a minimum deposit of 0.01BTC/20EUR),
    • Wednesdays (25 spins for a minimum deposit of 0.01BTC/20EUR)
    • Fridays ( we offer a reload bonus or free spins for a minimum deposit of 10mBTC/50eur).

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