Game search functionality

Video previews for every casino game

Every casino game on Oshi has an instant six second video preview which you can view on desktop. This is really helpful for you to quickly see whether you like the game look and feel.

MP4 (6 second preview)

Intuitive personalised recommendations

We use powerful algorithms to work out what’s interesting and engaging games you might like to play next.

Our personalisation engine
Personalised game suggestions

Tags to help find related games

We’ve got a powerful tagging system that makes it really easy to find other games that interest you.

MP4 (6 second preview)

Game filters

We have catalogued every single game on our website and set up powerful filters to help you narrow down which games you want to play.

MP4 (6 second preview)

‘My favourites’ bookmarking

We’ve got simple but a really effective way of bookmarking  and listing all your favourite games.

MP4 (6 second preview)

Personalised settings

You can switch currency or when you want to play new games and open new tabs automatically.

Personalised settings dashboard
Personalised settings dashboard

Powerful game search functionality

Really quick game search to help you find exactly the right games for you.

“Continue where you left off”, Last played games

A really simple way of finding the games you last played. The most recent game at the top, previous games below. You can see which games you last played by sorting or by mousing over the menu on the right.

Top winners listings, showing games they won on

It’s really helpful to see who the big winners are and what games they’ve been winning on. Perhaps they’ll be lucky for you?

Top winners and how much they won
Top winners and how much they won

Latest winners, showing the games they won on

It’s interesting to see who’s playing on the site and what games their winning on an idea.

Latest winners and games they won on
Latest winners and games they won on

List or grid layouts for finding games quickly.

We show all games in list view as default, but you can view games in a grid, which is really helpful if you just want only the essential information about each game.

MP4 (6 second preview)

Unique descriptions for every game.

Every game has a description, explaining a little bit more about the it.

Game description

Tooltips to for instant information.

Tooltips around the site give you useful information instantly.

No flashing banners or sliders

Every usability study tells us how awful flashing banners and sliders are, yet so many casinos use them far too often. We don’t have any rotating banners or sliders. That’s a small reason why Oshi is so good to spend time on.

Relaxing, warm look and feel

We chose a look and feel that’s very comfortable, warm and easy to navigate around. A lot of our theme is based on Netflix colours, look and feel.

netflix oshi
Oshi and Netflix


Have you noticed, we don’t have many graphics on the site. That’s because we want as much text to be highlight able as possible.

Why? Because there are numerous really powerful browser plug-ins which make it easy to translate a website into any language.

Oshi in German
Oshi in German

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