Contacting support: adding screengrabs

Scenario: you have an issue and you want to contact the customer care team to get it solved. Sometimes having a screengrab or a short video explaining the issue can be really helpful.

Fortunately, this is a really easy thing to do.

For security reasons, we can’t accept attachments from you, but there are loads of different tools out there which can take screengrabs.

Tools that we use: – it downloads a small program onto your machine, making it really easy for you to screengrab and automatically upload to the Internet. But…

If you don’t want any third-party software, another approach is to use the on-board screen capture on your machine and then upload it to an image service like

All we need is a link to the screengrab you want us to review.

It might look like this:

Embedding a link to a screengrab
Embedding a screengrab link to a customer care ticket.

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