Complaints About Oshi

If you have a complaint…

From time to time, Oshi customers will have disagreements with us. If you’re not happy with us, here are steps we suggest you take:

Email us

Write to us on and tell us what the problem is, where you think we’ve gone wrong and what you want. We will then escalate the situation internally if necessary and do our very best to sort this out with you.

Go public

But… If you’re still not happy with our attempts to sort this out with you, the next step would be for you to put a complaint on one of the big affiliate sites. Why do this? We care about our reputation and having a publicly viewable case puts a lot of pressure on everyone to sort the issue out one way or the other.

There are two sites we suggest you look at if you want to make a public complaint:

AskGamblers: they have a mediation service and from what we’ve experienced have been very fair in their assessment of various cases. Ask Gamblers Oshi Page


LatestCasinoBonuses: have a vibrant community and a public ‘open channel’ on the forums with us. If you have an issue, the world will see it there. LCB Forum.


Go to the regulator

If that fails and you’re still not happy, the final recourse would be for you to contact the Curaçao gaming authority and explain your case to them. If they believe the case has merit, as our regulator, they will apply leverage on us and we will have to respond.

It’s important to remember that Curaçao does not have the same kind of regulatory control as other licensed regulators, so our advice is to sort out the problem with us first and take it from there. More on Curaçao:

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