Build Your Bonus™ Help.


Build Your Bonus™, the easy way to pick your favourite bonus.


Step by Step

1. Currency

Pick the currency you would like to use


2. Slider

It looks like this:

Build your bonus slider

Move the slider left, it gives a bigger matched bonus.

Move the slider left

Move the slider right and you can have more free spins, but a smaller matched bonus.

Move the slider right


3. Your bonus

The main parts of your bonus are shown as the slider moves to one side or another.

For example:

  • 100% matched bonus up to 0.1BTC , means if you deposit 0.1 BTC, we will give you 0.1 BTC in bonus money.
  • 100% matched bonus up to 120 EUR , means if you deposit 120 EUR, we will give you 120 EUR in bonus money.
Matched bonus

105 free spins – means along with the matched bonus, you will get 105 free spins

Free spins


4. Bonus code 

You will have a bonus code, that might look like this ‘OSHI-ADL’. We have lots of different bonus codes, depending on the bonus you prefer.

Bonus code


5. Copy code

Just click on the button and the bonus code is now copied on to your clipboard ready for you to paste the bonus code later on.

Copy to clipboard


6. Min. Deposit

This is the minimum amount of money you will need to deposit so you can get this bonus from us. This minimum deposit changes depending on the bonus you want and the currency you use.


BTC minimum deposit


EUR minimum deposit

7. Deposit

Click on the deposit button and go straight to the deposit page.



8. Paste your deposit code

Next, paste the deposit code into the bonus field.

For BTC, scroll down to the middle of the page, then click on ‘ I have a Bonus Code ‘,

Then it will open up and looks like this…and paste in your bonus code.

Add your bonus code


For all other currencies, scroll down to the payment provider you want to use and click on a logo or grey bar:

Click in ‘ I have a bonus code ‘


Paste in your bonus code


9. Once your deposit has gone through

We will send you an email confirming the payment. Then your deposit will then go live.

Remember: If you have a problem pasting the deposit code, you can just go back to the ‘Oshi Build Your Bonus’ tool and copy the bonus code once again.

The ‘Oshi Build Your Bonus’ works in the same way for reload bonuses.

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